Xenko 1.7.8 won't start

simply it don’t start. when i click start it is uploaded in ram (see from the activity control) but the editor won’t open.
please help, now i’m trying with 1.6.8. (some time ago like 5-6 moth this version work i hope this time too)

Sorry for my bad english. I hope exist a fix i want to use this engine! :frowning:


This issue has been fixed, but you need to update to the latest release (1.7.9).
You can do it using the launcher.

Already did, same problem :confused:

Is 1.6.8 working?
Could you please tell us which version of windows you are using?
Also, you might want to check if you have Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) installed (especially if you’re on Windows 7)
You can download it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=6812

Nope i have try just now. 1.6.8 don’t work too, now i’m downloading DirectX June2010 SDK but if i remember correctly i already have it.
Windows 7 Professional.

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Could you confirm that you’re using a x64 version of Windows 7?

32 bits versions of Windows are not supported by the editing tools unfortunately.

Yes i’m using x64 version

Nope i install the DirectX June 2010 but it don’t start too :frowning:

Please help i really don’t know what can i do :frowning:

We will need more details to figure out your problem.

Can you give us the full specification of your machine (OS version, graphic card(s), driver version), the path where Xenko is installed, and the list of .Net/DirectX/Visual Studio redistributable versions installed on your machine?

Windows 7 professional x64
I7 4790k
R9 270x Toxic
16gb ddr3 1600mhz
Visual studio 2013 update 5
(With visual c++ redistributable 2005, 2008,2010,2012,2013 all in both version x86 and x64)
In have installed xenko in my second drive “F:\Program Files\Xenko”
.Net 4.6.1

(all checked)

What kind of drive is it? Can this drive go to sleep mode sometimes?

Other possibility: do you have an antivirus that is actively monitoring the file system? If that’s the case could you try to add the Xenko executables as exceptions to this antivirus?

Do you have Visual C++ 2015 redistributable installed?

See here: http://answers.xenko.com/questions/1789/game-crashes-on-startup-with-notsupportedexception.html

Yes i have Visual c++ 2015 redistributable (x64 and x86)

I have Microsoft Security Essential and i can try to se Xenko as Exceptions.
the drive is my second drive (i have an ssd only for the OS and this second drive where i install program)

Really guys i try all, but still not working what can i do D:?

Hello, you that it is clearly not established, most likely. I had the same problem which I sorted out by installing visual c++. When you install the software, were there any errors? And a question off topic, What’s your native language?

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I get no error while installing Visual C++ all install fine. what you mean with my native language?

On account of the language, I was Just wondering.:slight_smile: