Xenko 3.0 vs Godot 3.0


I am new to the engines games
I use golang for web two years ago
I want to choose xenko or Godot
xenko is doesn’t even support two major OSs

xenko vs Godot

Let me know


(from https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/blob/master/README.md and https://doc.xenko.com/latest/en/manual/platforms/index.html)
Supported platforms:

  • Windows (runtime and design time)
  • Android (runtime)
  • iOS (runtime)
  • UWP (runtime)
  • Linux (runtime)

Mac has some limited/incomplete that have been disabled at the moment. The also was an experiment with PS4 but I don’t remember the actual status.

Other platforms could be added in the future depending on time and if someone (ideally at least two people) in the community are willing to do the support for it. Right now we don;t even have enough people to properly support all current platforms.


One thing that bothers me about Godot is that it’s OpenGL ES only, so the performance on desktop platforms might not be as good as when you use Direct3D or OpenGL 4.x, for instance.

They do have plans for Vulkan support in the future, but that means old computers will not be compatible.

Since Xenko uses SharpDX and OpenTK, it supports both Direct3D and OpenGL on desktop, as well as OpenGL ES on Android.

Of these two alternatives, if you’re doing a 3D game, I suggest you use Xenko, otherwise any of these two is a good choice.


If you want to use c# without a doubt choose Xenko otherwise gdscript, godot’s genetic programming language, is pretty easy and its community is huge. I’d if you know what you are doing go with Xenko, if you are still learning godot might be a better option.


yes, i agree. xenko is a bit more an engine for developers. all systems are pretty open and can be customized but you need to know basic software patterns to use them. also, since the xenko engine is a native .NET/C# application (godot is c++) it’s very comfortable to use if you know .NET/C# already.


Godot is lot more easy to work with, it is lightweight (<100 mo), it has more capabilities, a better roadmap, and more active developers. Godot is a better choice.

To use Xenko you must accept some agreements, for example
2. Log Xenko may observe your activities, preferences, and transactional data (such as your IP address, location information, device) relating to your use of the Services.

Godot does not require any agreements, it does not have any spywares, Godot is the real and free 3D engine here.


Xenko’s logging is quite digusting, I’ll give you that. The fact that Godot is lightweight, is great. Xenko’s new nuget package system should help with this, but it’ll still be bloated compared to Godot. Godot’s scene/ node system is great, while Xenko’s prefabs are actually kind of garbage to work with and seem to have their own issues.

The cons are that gdscript lacks performance. Using Godot with mono is a hassle, c# feels like a second class citizen there. I’ll probably continue to use Godot in jams and Xenko in more serious projects.

I think what will make Xenko the real winner for bigger projects is that at the end of the day you can use Xenko as a framework. (Almost. There’s still some [very disgusting] friction. I don’t think it’s possible to get code only without re-implementing a lot of things. Somebody in another thread tried to chime in and say it was always possible, but when asked for clarification, he was not to be found.) At the moment, Godot is better. Once Xenko fixes some weird / really disgusting issues such as the comical https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/issues/187

I can’t imagine orcing my future player to even wait >0.1s when I missed some shader. It would require me to walk everywhere in game and HOPE that I’ve walked everywhere…

and makes it easy to use as a library, I can’t see how Godot would ever be more pleasant to work with for anything outside of html5 and prototyping.

I also think that I will appreciate Xenko more the more I learn about programming and am able to understand the engine’s code.


yes sure, as i said above, xenkos killer feature is beeing a native c# engine. nobody wants to write c/c++ code to customize the engine nowadays… it’s just not productive. also xenkos graphics and multi threading engine is super great. not to speak about the shader language that lets you design advanced shader systems with high level comfort.

the current bugs and annoyances will pass away soon, there is pull requests every week that fix those.

so yes indeed, most engines might be easier to start with but if you are doing something serious i would use an engine from that i know i can customize every aspect if it is required for the project.


there is no spyware, what are you thinking? this issue was addressed a while ago. the data is gathered for metrics and they are public:

i find xenkos prefabs pretty good and easy to work with. can you tell us some more concrete problems that you have found or is it only a ‘feeling’ that you have? might be just a bug and you could open an issue on github.


A personal thing: By default, a prefab instantiation creates a list of entities instead of having an (empty?) root entity spawned that is the prefab.

Then there’s also this issue which I find a bit strange. https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/issues/149

All in all, most of my productivity issues stem more from the fact that I suck and find it hard to figure out how to do things when there’s a lack of documentation. I’m still not sure if I can animate UI objects. Not sure if the renderer does gpu instancing by default. Don’t know how I would handle doing something like a bullet hell and creating thousands of bullets on screen.

Gathering data never feels good these days.


Godot does not asks metrics and doesn’t ask to accept any agreement unlike Xenko or Unity, for many people metrics or spyware is a no go.


You are totally wrong, Godot is lot more performant than Xenko with better graphics, it uses real time global illumination., and it is able to run bigger games than Xenko small demos.

Godot roadmap is lot better than Xenko.

Again Godot is the real free 3D Engines without agreements of use.

This is my own opinion.


We get it. You like Godot.

So what are you doing here in Xenko’s forums? That kind of trolling is unacceptable, so I’m temporarily banning you from the forums.


I’m participating in the discussion “Godot Vs Xenko” giving my opinion.
What is wrong about that ?


You are ranting about Xenko, not making any actual contribution. Ban will be lifted in 48h. In the meantime reflect on your behavior.


Things I did not like in xenko

  • Need visual studio
  • Need xamarin for Mobile
  • Can’t make games for Mac
  • Uses C# only
  • There is no tutorial in YouTube Not yet


@att2035 these points are quite subjective. let me look at them from another perspective and repeat my point from above, that xenko is ideal for .NET developers:

visual studio is a great IDE and the tool i work with every day, i am glad xenko integrates seemles into my existing workflow.

that’s another win for me, xamarin is owned by microsoft since a while and makes big progress on .NET for mobile. xenko and it’s users profit from all new features automatically.

not sure if that is true, i think it works. but others may know better.

see first point… and there is something else cooking.

xenko has a pretty good online documentation that you can read. i use it almost every day, it’s understandable and there are not many questions left. as a developer who works on a serious project that’s what you need. not that i am against video tutorials, i would also watch them, but a written documentation from the developers is more important than casual video tutorials on youtube.


Generally i think discussions like this dont ever end in anything good.
before starting a game just look at your options and choose what works for you. Im currently planning to port a project from godot since godot didnt give me all the tools i needed for what i was trying to do. Godot is probably a bit more advanced and mature in a few of its features but its architecture is also quite weak. Working with its c++ code its permeated with its type less Variant and its a macro hell. It is also quite bolted down in its design.
Xenko on the other hand is made with c# and one can really feel the garbage collector work by just opening the editor. So it wouldnt work for any of the projects at work where we already have performance problems by just using unity c# or unreal bp. but for a small scale personal project thats not an issue.
So id say define your project first and then chose an engine


i have the feeling that xenko is faster in terms of rendering performance than the two. the mainloop is multi-threaded by default and everything feels direct. we have insane frame rates on laptops with our custom shader pipelines. i don’t feel any slow down because of the garbage collector. xenko is carefully designed to not do any allocations that are on the heap or LOH and therfore the garbage collector doesn’t have to do much during a running game. do you have a particular example where that happens?

otherwise the UI of the game studio is another question, that is WPF with all advantages and disadvantages.


There was nothing wrong with your participation @Roman.
You have no “behavior” to reflect on. Ignore them.

If they are so sensitive to criticism that they are going to “ban” then there’s no wonder the community stays small.

@Kryptos way to build a community! You or a member of your team went on Twitter and asked the Godot team how to build a community, Yes you did. Guess what? This isn’t how.

If you are going to ban people for expressing an unpopular opinion then Xenko’s community will continue to stay small.

Go for it.