Xenko 3.0 vs Godot 3.0


You’re not a troll. Ignore him.


Koro if you don’t see what was the issue then you are part of the problem.

A good thing in community is also to respect the decision of moderators.

So I will explain the decision here once and only once. I really don’t believe that I have to do it.

The reason I ban the user was that he was repeating the same message three times and also staying false and misleading information about Xenko: that it was acting as a malware/spyware. Even after that fact was corrected by another post in that thread.

I don’t prevent people to have opinion but in a discussion such as “X vs Y”, repeating three times in a row that “Y is better” without any argument is similar to trolling (even if the intention of that person was not): it doesn’t give any new information, doesn’t help the original poster and is just making noise. Plus it has the capacity to start a religious war on that same subject.
For having seen this kind of behavior make perfectly fine discussion become toxic I decided to stop it as soon as possible.

So to summarize: any idea is welcome, even critics (in fact of you look at other threads you will see that we welcome critics) as long as it is faire, justified and properly arguments with facts.

That was not the case here.


You are right to some extent, i could post the video without comments to express Godot capabilities.
Such topics about engine vs engine will never be constructive because each will say he’s the best. Looking at other engine is good when the goal is to get inspiration.

Last time i checked Xenko it could not install.
Another things i don’t like is the install seems to be too big.


@Roman I agree .

xenko feels like a professional engine like unreal
I loved that

I will wait for fourth release xenko 4.0
but now Godot time


I personally wouldn’t compare.
Xenko is an extremely new engine which was made open source and the community is now responsible for developing, both engine and community wise.
It is rapidly growing.

I tried both and really didn’t fall from Godot’s graphics but it’s really easy to learn how to work with it and make a game quickly.
As for Xenko, I fell in love, but it’s truly lacking many features as it is now, but that is being quickly changed.