Xenko api docs down?


I’m trying to read the API documentation, but it does not let me access any class, as if there was no information. Does anybody know if the documentation is changing or something?.


Looks like something’s wrong, will look into it.


I am here to write about the same issue. I tried to open it in Opera and Chrome browsers, but it doesn’t work. However, the Manual is working correctly, it seems only the API part of the doc is down. I tried to reach the API within the editor, but the menu leads to the online doc. I am sure it is gonna be fixed soon.

However, this problem leads us to a queston: will the website and the forum still available in the future, or Silicon Studio will shot them down? Maybe it would be good to make a Xenko only discord group.

Otherwise, thank you guys for the license change and for the hard work, I hope a solid community will grow up here.

p.s. Sorry, english is not my main language.


I took control over the website and domain. I have also recreated all the servers (azure etc…) with my own accounts, so they won’t disappear. Hope that alleviate your concerns.

Thanks for the encouragements!


Sounds really cool :slight_smile: Thank you for the info!


thanks, I hope can access it soon!.


Would it be at least possible to dl an offline version of the docs while it’s down ? because i’d like to experiment a bit with Xenko but without the api documentation i’m a bit lost


Doc is back online, sorry for the downtime


it seems like most of the api is back but the xenko namespace is still causing a blank page


Try a Ctrl+F5, maybe just a cache issue?


Oh it seems that ctrl + f5 worked, thanks


@xen2 Maybe we can include the editor API in the documentation now that everything is under the same license.


Sure, good idea.
Please create an issue in xenko-docs so that it’s not forgotten.