Xenko for mobile


I wish to find an engine to develop mobile games that are kind of Ketchapp caliber.
While those can be achieved is almost any engine, the development speed is key to me.
For this reason I’d like to know if

  • Xenko’s 2D capabilities, including Vector graphics, in-editor simple animations and scene building with a brush so I just draw the level
  • The engine’s customizability: I know it wasn’t developed for my specific needs so I’ll have to extend it. How easy it is?
  • Interoperability with Android java/kotlin classes (as I plan to target android specifically)
  • Development speed, how long it takes to get something done? Unity needed a lot of code for simple tasks.
    Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:


Hi @tamask01,

  1. Xenkos 2D capabilities is very limited. Only has basic texture based sprites and SpriteStudio ® skeletal animation. No vector graphics or animation tools built in.
  2. The engine is quite customizable. You can extend/replace pretty much all of it. Even modify the engines code if you have to. Difficulty is hard to say depends on what you want to customize. Your biggest problem will be finding how to do things. Mostly requiring you to read the engines source to see how existing features are implemented.
  3. I have no knowledge of the mobile stuff…
  4. Xenko has WAY LESS features than Unity. So my guess is you would have a lot more work to do.



Thank you for the answer, Then for now I leave Xenko be, but I’ll be sure the check back every once in a while.