Xenko: help us find a new name/logo for the engine! (if we have to rename)

Yeah, as Greek word, you’d expect to get a lot of hits in unrelated contexts, but it also seems to be the name of an Xbox emulation project, which I’d say rules it out.

I would suggest Xiphoid

(adj) sword-shaped

It’s not the most imaginative name but I think it fits the X theme and the engine is razor-sharp.

Oooopss. :frowning:

just remove the vowels? XNK? but it’s already a lot of things
also I may point out to my knowledge this is the only game engine which is separated into multiple nuget packages (or multiple “independent” modules), maybe emphasizing that would be a cool source of a name.
you can also do what GNU did (GNU is Not Unix):
DDNX (DDNX is Definitely Not Xenko) you can omit “definitely” and then it’s just DNX, buut it kinda sounds something from the 90’s.
You can see that the first letter can be anything for this, just don’t be X (googling XNX yields porn)


I’d say this is the right sort of thinking, rather than random words.

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Yes, starting with the strengths of xenko and finding names from that sounds like a good approach.
so we have as inspiration:

  • modular nuget distribution
  • original c#/.NET, scripts and engine live in the same world
  • original .NET tooling for build
  • high fidelity shaders
  • native visual studio support
  • use any third party nuget in your game code
  • cross platform runtime
  • completely open source
  • MIT license
  • was commercially developed by worldclass engineers

who has more?

If you’re still looking for contributions I have some concepts for a name and logo I could put together. Has anything been decided yet?

Nothing is set in stone yet, feel free to contribute !

OK, I put some ideas together. Brief and rough, as I don’t want to spend too much time on it unless there is some interest. I’ve put it on Canva, link below.

Let me know what you think.

Xardox rough draft

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not very related with the original name but I liked the story behind it, it is short, it hasnt so many results on google and it keeps the letter “X” (and the “e” for sure) which can differ by the others (size/color/type).

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Pursuing the same idea, of C#, sharpness, and combining lettering with the symbol: Cimitar


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I’ll also leave this here, it’s done with an AI name generator at https://namelix.com/

Just enter some keywords you associate with the engine and set the naming constraints. I’ve did it a few times and these are the ones I favorited. I think it’s not a final solution, but rather an inspiration…

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Another iteration of Cimitar.

Are all available… xensharp.com can be had for $10… just sayin’


I grabbed cimitar.org and xardox.org, just in case. I’ll donate them and sign over to the project if wanted, of course.

I wouldn’t worry too much about dotcoms for opensource projects these days. Many major projects have only the dotorg (including Blender and Godot), which is all that’s really needed. In theory someone could attempt some funny business with the dotcom, but in practice, once a project is well-established, it’s barely a problem.


I’m compiling the list of names, if you still want to submit yours now is your last chance to do so !

I’ll start the voting process sunday around 8am UTC, If you want your submissions to be included you’ll have to submit it before then !
Here’s the current list:
Animage Engine
Astria Engine
Breal Engine
C#OSGE (C# Open Source Game Engine)
Deceit Engine
Distic Engine
Dragonhouse Engine
Enna Engine
Finity Engine
Gale Engine
Genial Engine
Genios Engine
Graphm Engine
Hades Engine
Isonix Engine
Ivaldi Engine
Magician’s Engine
Posity Engine
Rander Engine
Reconnect Engine
SeaShark Engine
Sparce Engine
Stride Engine
Synus Engine
Tonal Engine
Ultrack Engine
Ultrarack Engine
Unic Engine
Uxen Engine
Xandu Engine
Xardox Engine
Xenar Engine
Xenesis Engine
Xenial Engine
Xenos Engine
Xiphoid Engine
X-Ram Engine
Zulu Engine

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You seem to have missed Cimitar off the list, if you could please include it.

Could I suggest that we don’t proceed on a straight vote on a list of names? Bear in mind that we’re not merely choosing a name, but a brand. Typically one would not start by picking from a list of names alone, but look at those names in the context of a logo, and a brand concept.

I think it would be a good idea to invite others to put forward brand and logos ideas (along with the name), before we make a choice. Picking a name in isolation, and then trying to attach a logo and concept to it is not really the way to go, IMO.


i think the name should be quite “mainstream”… let me explain.

if you look at other/similar company names like unity, unreal engine, blender, maya, cinema 4d, houdini, … one can see, that they have some things in common:

  • easy to spell (and so to remember)
  • mostly non-artificial (these are real words)
  • tech/tool related (cinema is a good example, since it’s a tool that can be used to make movies)
  • most of the names are lucky finds (a common word, that is not used very often [in that context]

a more mainstream or common name would also reflect xenkos current goals:

  • being now open-source -> welcome and include everybody in opposition to a relatively small target group
  • xenko wants its community to grow -> targeting a maximum big group won’t work with a name that targets a small and nerdy niche.

i totally agree, that focusing and emphasizing only few core features is key. i think that open-source and c# are the most important ones that also distinguish from the competitors. so i like proposals like @jdee s The C# engine tagline or names that go into the same direction like opengine that @tonfilm posted.

last, i think this re-naming is a really big and important decision that should not be chosen in a hurry. best would be to consult a design studio or similar that has experience in branding and naming.

sorry for being late to the naming party and of course, this is just my 2 cents and i’m not an english native speaker.


Here is my logo mashup for the SeaShark engine.
Lots of wordplay going on:

  • Sound close to C#
  • The sea waves in the logo are formed to the letter C.
  • Sharks have sharp teeth
  • the open sea | ‘open sea’ shark engine