Xenko: help us find a new name/logo for the engine! (if we have to rename)

I’ll also leave this here, it’s done with an AI name generator at https://namelix.com/

Just enter some keywords you associate with the engine and set the naming constraints. I’ve did it a few times and these are the ones I favorited. I think it’s not a final solution, but rather an inspiration…

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Another iteration of Cimitar.

Are all available… xensharp.com can be had for $10… just sayin’


I grabbed cimitar.org and xardox.org, just in case. I’ll donate them and sign over to the project if wanted, of course.

I wouldn’t worry too much about dotcoms for opensource projects these days. Many major projects have only the dotorg (including Blender and Godot), which is all that’s really needed. In theory someone could attempt some funny business with the dotcom, but in practice, once a project is well-established, it’s barely a problem.


I’m compiling the list of names, if you still want to submit yours now is your last chance to do so !

I’ll start the voting process sunday around 8am UTC, If you want your submissions to be included you’ll have to submit it before then !
Here’s the current list:
Animage Engine
Astria Engine
Breal Engine
C#OSGE (C# Open Source Game Engine)
Deceit Engine
Distic Engine
Dragonhouse Engine
Enna Engine
Finity Engine
Gale Engine
Genial Engine
Genios Engine
Graphm Engine
Hades Engine
Isonix Engine
Ivaldi Engine
Magician’s Engine
Posity Engine
Rander Engine
Reconnect Engine
SeaShark Engine
Sparce Engine
Stride Engine
Synus Engine
Tonal Engine
Ultrack Engine
Ultrarack Engine
Unic Engine
Uxen Engine
Xandu Engine
Xardox Engine
Xenar Engine
Xenesis Engine
Xenial Engine
Xenos Engine
Xiphoid Engine
X-Ram Engine
Zulu Engine

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You seem to have missed Cimitar off the list, if you could please include it.

Could I suggest that we don’t proceed on a straight vote on a list of names? Bear in mind that we’re not merely choosing a name, but a brand. Typically one would not start by picking from a list of names alone, but look at those names in the context of a logo, and a brand concept.

I think it would be a good idea to invite others to put forward brand and logos ideas (along with the name), before we make a choice. Picking a name in isolation, and then trying to attach a logo and concept to it is not really the way to go, IMO.


i think the name should be quite “mainstream”… let me explain.

if you look at other/similar company names like unity, unreal engine, blender, maya, cinema 4d, houdini, … one can see, that they have some things in common:

  • easy to spell (and so to remember)
  • mostly non-artificial (these are real words)
  • tech/tool related (cinema is a good example, since it’s a tool that can be used to make movies)
  • most of the names are lucky finds (a common word, that is not used very often [in that context]

a more mainstream or common name would also reflect xenkos current goals:

  • being now open-source -> welcome and include everybody in opposition to a relatively small target group
  • xenko wants its community to grow -> targeting a maximum big group won’t work with a name that targets a small and nerdy niche.

i totally agree, that focusing and emphasizing only few core features is key. i think that open-source and c# are the most important ones that also distinguish from the competitors. so i like proposals like @jdee s The C# engine tagline or names that go into the same direction like opengine that @tonfilm posted.

last, i think this re-naming is a really big and important decision that should not be chosen in a hurry. best would be to consult a design studio or similar that has experience in branding and naming.

sorry for being late to the naming party and of course, this is just my 2 cents and i’m not an english native speaker.


Here is my logo mashup for the SeaShark engine.
Lots of wordplay going on:

  • Sound close to C#
  • The sea waves in the logo are formed to the letter C.
  • Sharks have sharp teeth
  • the open sea | ‘open sea’ shark engine


I’m liking SeaShark and the logo concept. Memorable, and the pun + similar word sound works well.

Could be a problem with existing software with that name, though.

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@sebl I doubt that xen has the funds necessary to do this kind of thing so unless someone proposes it that won’t be feasible.
The biggest engine didn’t rely on that kind of services either, and to be frank they actually have pretty terrible names (unreal engine and cry engine are kind of cringe worthy names, godot doesn’t have much to do with game dev’, it’s just a reference to either a microsoft release code or a play), I’m sure it could help but I don’t think we have a choice here.
As for the rest of your point, definitely, I’ll include a short description of what the user should look for when voting at the top of the poll.

@jdee @sebl
How about using the voting process to filter out names, use the top 10 or top 5 for logo design proposal and pick the best from there, how does that sound to you ? This should resolve a couple of issues that you have with this process.

Or would you rather want us to postpone this ? We really have to do it soon as more time passes and the worse it’s going to get for seo, tutorials and co. 23 days passed since xen made that announcement but if you feel like this is too soon I’ll cancel it for now.

Thank you for catching that issue with SeaShark, @Aggror I can’t accept the name as it is but you should be able to find a similar pun by changing a couple of words ?

Sorry I didn’t specify why certain submissions could not be included:
Excluded Submissions:

  • Xenomorph Engine:
    • Even if the usage is different and that word is fairly common, let’s stay clear of any potential copyright issues here.
  • DDNX (DDNX is Definitely Not Xenko):
    • Again no point in taking risks here, this name still ‘contains’ xenko.
  • Ceyx Engine:
    • Fairly obvious why.
  • Cimitar Engine:
    • Very close to Scimitar, the previous name of AnvilNext which is Ubisoft’s main engine.
    • While this won’t result in any copyright dispute let’s avoid any confusion.
  • Xenia:
    • Already used by an xbox emulation project.
  • Solaris Engine:
    • Solarus is an ARPG engine.
  • Glimpse:
    • It’s a diagnostic platform and a text indexing algorithm.
  • Unium Engine:
    • Unium is a video game.
  • X-Byte Engine:
    • X-Byte is an application development company.
  • SharpEngine:
  • OGEN:
  • Focus Engine:
  • TEngine:
  • D6 Engine:
  • Astra Engine:
  • Infinity Engine:
  • Synengine:
  • Xanadu Engine:
  • Quantum Engine:
  • Lambda Engine:
  • Ultimate Engine:
  • SEngine:
  • OPEngine:
  • Formation Engine:
  • Genius Engine:
  • Synergy Engine:
    • Domain name(s) already taken.
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I’d just like to echo Sebl’s comments about a name being ‘mainstream’. Really no offence intended but most of the suggested names here are awful. Obscure, nerdy, clumsy and uninviting. The name needs to feel accessible to people beyond niche circles of interest. That’s why Unreal and Unity work so well. The name doesn’t need to be clever, novel, or contain a complex reference to some historical quality unimportant to most people.

I suggest solid, friendly, grounding and dare I say it, generic as more fruitful adjectives for a successful name. Sorry I offer no suggestions here for what one may be :slight_smile:

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Don’t vote for them when the time to do so comes then, that’s what most people will do so I don’t really see how that could be an issue ?

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Not that I would say that it’s too soon. The thing is, the name, the logo, and the brand message all inform each other - in the ideal world it would be done holistically. By constraining the possibilities of one variable, I think it introduces an unnecessary limitation; I’d say it’s generally better to vote on a list of fleshed out proposals (name, logo, brand concept, etc), rather than cutting down a list of names, and proceeding from there.

I do think perhaps we’re not quite there yet, and still evolving ideas.

Like “Google”, for example?

I understand your point, but I think there are different ways to go. Obscure and/or nerdy names are a grand tradition in the naming of software, and I’d say anyone looking at programming their own game already has their geek credentials in order. :slight_smile: I think it can be a problem if they are not easily pronounceable, but otherwise it’s good to be open-minded.

I’m wit you fellers…

Hap ?;O)

That would be nice but no one proposed anything of the sort yet and there’s very little chance that someone would do so, we just don’t have those sorts of talents within our community. If someone comes forward with a legit proposal I would cancel the process and see where this goes but I don’t think it is safe for the project to delay this more than necessary.

You showed interest in creating the logo for the engine, I am also willing to design a bunch of logos but I wont do it before having at least a set of agreed upon names, without this the name I would choose might not be in line with the community/xen which ultimately will just be a waste of my time, that’s why voting on the names might be beneficial for those who end up creating logos, we’ll at least have a set of names that most people like.

If you guys feel like this is too soon feel free to tell me and I’ll postpone this but we can’t just leave this on the back burner, either send/notify us of some sort of proposal if you do want to work on the branding or provide us with a maximum time-frame that you feel is fair enough given the issues we talked about.

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I think, though, that perhaps we haven’t given the community a chance yet to produce ideas beyond a list of names. There hasn’t been any clear request for more fleshed out proposals, and you were discouraging people from producing graphics until the name was settled. IMO, that’s not the way to go.

I think it would be much better to request more fleshed out concepts, that could then be discussed. For example, perhaps someone doesn’t like the names that occurred to me, but could see some potential in the “sharp C#” logo idea, and so we might then agree to focus on that, and see what we can come up with. Or not.

If people have other concepts, they don’t have to do a full-on brand presentation - just do a “back of a napkin” brand proposal and some rough logo sketches, as I did. I realise we could be wasting our time, as I most likely have, but I do believe it would be a more effective approach, likely to produce better results.

I fully support your decision to weed out some of the incorrect names as they do not fit by any criteria, they will only confuse many voters. I am for the logo to be created after choosing a name.

i happen to know that @sebl and @mrboni indeed have those talents. they are experienced designers and we should listen to their input in the same way as they will listen to us developers when it comes to API design…