Xenko: help us find a new name/logo for the engine! (if we have to rename)

I’m curious if they have a price they’d sell it for, if we could raise a little public funds. Shame to waste money on a name though.

Asking for public name submissions is a bit dicy, as a good name is likely to be registered by a viewer before you select it. However, in the interest of helping out, here are some names with available .com domains…

nuxenko.com / nuzenko.com / nuzento.com / nuxento.com - (might be close enough to create legal trouble, but I registered these and will donate them if you want them… contact me at davidj at gmail dot com)

xentaka.com, xenkara.com - (i also registered these, willing to donate)




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Sad news, I would like to keep the name, but if you have to change the name and logo, I would set a little more criteria for it.

  • The name, in addition to uniqueness, should sound relatively quickly and easily.
  • The name should be easy to remember and remain in memory. Sounds and syllables must be well matched.
  • I would add to the logo the requirement of quick recognition and not being overloaded with unnecessary elements and details.
    And why not organize a contest at the end of which all members of the community could vote for the best of it?

In this case, let’s get ready for variant B. In case there is a need to rename the engine, we will have a new name and a new logo that will save a lot of time on “change shoes”. Let’s create a separate topic somewhere or a branch where everyone will offer several variants. For example, I have some ready-made developments.

SharpEngine sounds good to me, and captures one of the major selling points, but if that’s a moment’s hassle in itself, then something else. FocusEngine also sounds good.

If it were me, I’d make the change right away, and not waste another minute wrangling over the old name. I’d say there’s barely any recognition of it, and of course it was the Paradox Engine before that. I think it would do the project far more good to focus on the work that will actually make people care about it. Bite the bullet, and let people start creating things for a stable identity.

EDIT: Just to add, I think the downsides could be outweighed by getting some headlines - “Xenko Engine is now Whatever Engine”. You could do a press release explaining how the new identity is part of putting the project on a sound footing as an open source project (which also publicises that point again), with the proper oversight of an NPO, free from the baggage of trademarks.

Xenos Engine


I like the name Xenos, but looking at name’s origin you will find: Xenos, (old) Greek word meaning “stranger” or “alien”*. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenos

Its ‘hospitality’ counterpart: Xenia ,sound also nice.


I chosen Xenos because :alien:

Xenial Engine could be OK. There was an Ubuntu release a while back codenamed Xenial Xerus, but other than that it’s not something you see around too often. I think it would be a stretch for Canonical to make a fuss about it… but you never know with big companies.

Just to be clear since I’m new here…you are still “potentially” looking for a new logo / brand correct?
Sorry I’m not used to this forum software :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if needed I can mock up some concept logo’s in Illustrator!

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Without going in to much detail: I believe that the NPO in question (.Net foundation), requires Silicon studio to sign a certain contract, which silicon studio is unwilling to do.
Either way, it brings us to the point were again Xenko is held back with legal stuff. That is why the name change has advantages that outweigh the downsides like new branding, lots of renaming work etc.

I wouldn’t underestimate re-branding… It involves much more than just a design mock-up and name ideas. It should be done properly by a design studio with experience in the field when we have some ideas and directions…

Genius/ Genios Engine
Genial Engine

Not saying a professional design team is a bad idea but if your assuming all freelance designers/web developers are garbage then I would have to disagree with you. Yes some people just spout names and designs without regard to the actual company background/vision in mind. Some of the best designers/companies I’ve worked with actually rely heavily on freelancers that are not part of any “design studio”. :slight_smile:

I think, if there’s going to be a careful consideration of branding and identity, then first there needs to be some clear decisions made about what the direction and focus of the engine is. I think Godot has the entry-level pretty much sewn up, and its logo and identity reflect that - it’s fun and friendly. I think Xenko needs to think about its goals and positioning before it could do its branding effectively.

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I’m with Aggror, Xenia it’s a good name. It’s short, easy to say and remember (It sounds very similar like Xena, Warrior princess :smiley: )

Yeah, I bought it!

Xenia has about 45 million search results…

Yeah, as Greek word, you’d expect to get a lot of hits in unrelated contexts, but it also seems to be the name of an Xbox emulation project, which I’d say rules it out.

I would suggest Xiphoid

(adj) sword-shaped

It’s not the most imaginative name but I think it fits the X theme and the engine is razor-sharp.

Oooopss. :frowning:

just remove the vowels? XNK? but it’s already a lot of things
also I may point out to my knowledge this is the only game engine which is separated into multiple nuget packages (or multiple “independent” modules), maybe emphasizing that would be a cool source of a name.
you can also do what GNU did (GNU is Not Unix):
DDNX (DDNX is Definitely Not Xenko) you can omit “definitely” and then it’s just DNX, buut it kinda sounds something from the 90’s.
You can see that the first letter can be anything for this, just don’t be X (googling XNX yields porn)