Xenko is now completely opensource (MIT)


OK, so we’ve established I’m not the most observant guy but I had totally missed the “sponser” button on the community page (only the top 3 rows appear and I’m apparently too lazy to scroll). I’m signed up now as well… @xen2 - you might consider placing that in a more prominent position. e.g. take a lok at the godot website where the sponser button jumps out visually on the main page.


Thanks for your generous contribution!
Good point, I will make it more visible.


Hi. You’re right. I think at this point it’s better to focus on making the engine as stable as possible and improving the documentation. Lack of a good documentation, bugs and crashes will be very frustrating for new comers. When many people start using Xenko for their games there will be a lot of contributors and developers working on the engine and that’ll be the time the engine can confidently be extended.

Another important thing is all the new commits must be checked by developers with a good inside out knowledge of the Xenko’s architecture and coding conventions. As you know keeping the source code and the architecture clean is the hardest part of the open source projects.

Now Xenko has two advantages over other engines. It’s under MIT license and almost everything is written in C#. This is even appealing to some fairly big companies. One thing that was clear at GDC this year, it’s not solo developers or small teams who are truly interested in open source engines, but companies. Because for solo developers or teams it’s not a big deal to pay royalties when they can get a triple A engine supported by a big company, but a little bit struggle for companies. And proprietary license makes them less confident. I hope Xenko will draw their attention.


There is some additional material (i.e. some old technical page from confluence, etc…). Not sure how much of it is still relevant today. I will try to sort it out and put it somewhere.


I’m so excited about Xenko going open source!


Have you considered donations per feature ? eg, a sort of fast track system. eg each feature could have set figure set to it, and when the target is reached it would be moved to top of list.

Not sure how this would work fully in practice with how current development is done or with it being opensouce project.

But, it would allow developers who are using the engine to direct their funding to the areas of the project that they need most for the release of their games.

Also, it could also allow you to subcontract old members of the xenko team for sections of the engine with funding donated for the features.


Good idea but for this the community must be numerous