Xenko needs better installation


I uninstalled .Net 4.7 to be able to install 4.6 before Xenko asks 4.7 update.
But there is errors creating an empty project

Verbose:Generating MyGame…
Verbose:Process dependencies for MyGame…
Verbose:Restore NuGet packages for MyGame…
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [Xenko.Engine.xkpkg]
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [Xenko.Graphics.xkpkg]
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [Xenko.Particles.xkpkg]
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [Xenko.Video.xkpkg]
Verbose:Generating MyGame.Windows…
Verbose:Process dependencies for MyGame.Windows…
Verbose:Restore NuGet packages for MyGame.Windows…
[C:\Users\Jun.nuget\packages\xenko.core\\build\Xenko.Core.targets(110,38)]: Error:The target “ResolvePackageAssets” does not exist in the project.
Error:Unable to build assembly reference [M:\3D\xenko projects\emptygame3\MyGame\MyGame\bin\Debug\net461\MyGame.dll]
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [MyGame.xkpkg]
Verbose:Loading Assets from Package [MyGame.Windows.xkpkg]
Warning:Can’t load Game assembly
Verbose:Compiling game assemblies…
Verbose:Game assemblies compiled…

Xenko installation should be as easy as Unity, click on install and it works right away after installation is complete.
It’s complicated installation and process to make it run, this will definitively turn run many people trying it.


Latest update fixed the issue.


3.0 install for me with no problem. But I have similar problem with 3.1 beta. It did install too, but when I create a new project with 3.1 I get a very long error and cancel the operation. Stick with 3.0 is the only solution for me


What error do you get?


It is mainly about .Net libraries, Xenko and Microsoft updater both say 4.6 is installed.
But when i check in Control Panel / Programs, i have only 4.5 and 4.7 installed.
The .Net installer seem to not install previous versions when you have a version above, like 4.7.

This is how i resolved the issue.
Uninstall Xenko.
Under control panel, programs, select Microsoft .Net above 4.5 and uninstall them.
Download Microsoft 4.6 installer and install 4.6, re start your computer you should have 4.6 installed.
Install Xenko it will ask to install 4.7 , click ok.
The first project you’ll create can take some time or have some warning in the logs, but the editor should open.