Xenko setup text


could someone please explain what is this ?

祔数•潣瑮湥㵴琢硥⽴瑨汭※档牡敳㵴瑵ⵦ∸㸯਍††洼瑥⁡档牡敳㵴產晴㠭㸢਍††洼瑥⁡慮敭∽楶睥潰瑲•潣瑮湥㵴眢摩桴搽癥捩ⵥ楷瑤ⱨ椠楮楴污猭慣敬ㄽ㸢਍††洼瑥⁡瑨灴攭畱癩∽⵸慵挭浯慰楴汢≥挠湯整瑮∽敩攽杤≥ാ †㰠瑳汹⁥祴数∽整瑸振獳㸢਍††††浀摥慩猠牣敥湡⁤⴨獭栭杩⵨潣瑮慲瑳›桷瑩ⵥ湯戭慬正 ൻ †††戠摯⁹ൻ ††††††戠牯敤㩲㔠硰猠汯摩⌠晦㭦਍††††††ൽ †††素਍਍††††浀摥慩猠牣敥湡⁤⴨獭栭杩⵨潣瑮慲瑳›汢捡⵫湯眭楨整 ൻ †††戠摯⁹ൻ ††††††戠牯敤㩲㔠硰猠汯摩⌠〰㬰਍††††††ൽ †††素਍਍††††瑨汭笠਍††††††敨杩瑨›〱┰഻ †††素਍਍††††潢祤笠਍††††††潰楳楴湯›敲慬楴敶഻ †††††洠牡楧㩮〠഻ †††††瀠摡楤杮›㬰਍††††††敨杩瑨›〱┰഻ †††††戠捡杫潲湵ⵤ潣潬㩲┠䅂䭃則問䑎佃佌╒഻ †††††挠牵潳㩲搠晥畡瑬഻ †††††ⴠ獭甭敳⵲敳敬瑣›潮敮഻ †††††映湯⵴慦業祬›匢来敯唠⁉楬桧≴഻ †††††挠汯牯›䘥剏䝅佒乕呄塅䍔䱏剏㬥਍††††ൽഊ †††搠癩䴮楡坮慲灰牥笠਍††††††慰摤湩㩧㈠瀰㭸਍††††††畯汴湩㩥渠湯㭥਍††††††潷摲眭慲㩰戠敲歡眭牯㭤਍††††ൽഊ †††搠癩洮牯䥥普呯扡敬笠਍††††††慭杲湩琭灯›〱硰഻ †††††瘠獩扩汩瑩㩹瘠獩扩敬഻ †††††映湯⵴楳敺›⸰㐹浥഻ †††素਍਍††††洮楡⵮楴汴⁥ൻ †††††洠牡楧㩮〠഻ †††††洠牡楧⵮潢瑴浯㈺瀰㭸਍††††††潦瑮猭穩㩥㈠瀸㭸਍††††††潦瑮眭楥桧㩴潢摬഻ †††素਍਍††††洮楡⵮潢祤笠਍††††††慭杲湩›‰‰‰瀲㭸਍††††††潦瑮猭穩㩥ㄠ瀵㭸਍††††ൽഊ †††瀠䐮獥牣灩楴湯汃獡⁳ൻ †††††洠牡楧㩮〠〠〠㈠硰഻ ††
i never saw this text in setup before so i confused


Huh. Where does that come from?

Issue with language and/or localization on your machine??


installer first screen ,bizarre
never happened before


Well it’s definitely not our text. Could be a corrupted file or a virus. I suggest to run a scan.


i downloaded it from official xenko.com “Get Xenko!” button.
the installer showed this text just once,then when i run it again worked normally.
it’s not corrupted and i don’t have an chinese or japanese virus on my machine.
i was hoping for a clarifying answer for a language that i dont understand, but at least now if someone else have the same issue you already have one feedback.