Xenko what is your fate already? Take us our of limbo!


I would LOVE to learn and use this engine but no one wants to bother if it doesn’t have a future.

Roadmap is no longer being maintained. Is this engine being worked on? If not, what have you decided about being fully open source (hopefully under MIT)?

Its has been about 3 months. Does Xenko have a future or not? (Either by continuing to develop it or by open sourcing it).

Right now it is stuck in limbo which is the worst possible fate.


If money is the issue why not sell a budget friendly way to remove the splashscreen? Or sell a subscription on steam? Or switch to a 5% model like so many other engines.

If you go open source there is other options like donations and patrons (Godot has had success via Patreon).

It would be a huge shame if this just died and that was it.


Some more digging:

I am interested on what this contract is. I hope they aren’t just selling it but I am looking forward to using the engine.


Am I wrong for hoping they’ve stitched up a deal with Microsoft? They have an obvious interest in seeing C#/.NET have a first class game engine, the code base is in reasonable shape and Xenko is several iterations further along than XNA with it’s editor and tooling support. I’d love to see MS throw some $$'s at Xenko and give it that coat of polish (proper 2d support. PIE, learning resources) and strategic direction.

This engine is a diamond in the rough, whatever happens, I hope it’s good news.


That sounds more likely than the ideas that come to mind but I would think only if it’s going open source.

Microsoft donated like $25,000 to Godot for adding c# to their open source.

Here’s hoping it’s great whatever it is.